Futsal Life is a Melbourne based provider of Social 5 a side competitions. The business began  4 years ago and we currently operate over 8 different venues, with over 200 teams each week playing Futsal. We provide safe, social and engaging competitions where friendships are made, fun is had and where literal and metaphorical goals are scored!

The genesis of the business was from one Football/Futsal tragic, that loathed working in an office and questioned whether he could provide a better serviced sports business than the existing operators.  The aim is to be a community immersed Melbourne institution, that is the preferred location to play Futsal in Melbourne. We cannot attest to how close we have come to this aspiration, but we enjoy providing Futsal to Melbourne and so do our participants.

We are new to the Blog world, but it does tie into our love of Futsal and conveying the visceral elements of the game, and in future posts, the cerebral aspects of chasing a ball around a court. A metaphor for life? Or just a ridiculously fun game, that has social and physical benefits.

Feel free to contact us about anything to do with the Blog or Futsal in Melbourne. We hope you enjoy your Futsal. But then again, it’s impossible not to!

Futsal Life

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