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Football Podcasts – Recommended

Hey all, If you are like me and you spend endless hours in front of the computer, there will be an occasion where your mind wanders and you need a brief respite. Desperately realising that  Spotify does not have TOTO – Africa (it does), then I recommend  these Football Podcasts- (as recommended to me by an […]

The New Referee Conundrum – Referee Riddle?

Scenario 1: A long time referee goes on holidays for a month and there is a stand in referee that takes over officiating duties. Immediately the level of feedback from the players is more vociferous. Decisions are more passionately queried. Perceived missed calls tend to be condemned by the whole team. This goes on for […]

Forfeits – How to avoid them – I have a dream.

This was an email I send out to remind teams about how to avoid forfeits. You can sense my exasperation in the tone, but it does work as teams realise that it is a very rare occasion when a team actually cannot attend in one shape or form. I have a dream that one day […]

Futsal Life Pirates: Plunder/Booty?!

We have a sneaking suspicion at Futsal Life that there are Futsal Pirates amongst our teams. This is not evidenced by scurvy, parrots nor poor Johnny Depp impersonations, but by payments received for a game. There are two teams called THE PIRATES. Hmmm, maybe that’s a clue? Pirate payment looks a bit like this: Related […]

How to enjoy your Futsal

Hey all, hope you are doing well and enjoying your Futsal. Enjoyment is obviously the reason that we participate in any type of activity by choice. I have witnessed a huge amount of social Futsal and have some insights into how to maximise your enjoyment of playing social sport. These conclusions have been derived from […]

What is Futsal? Tell me more, tell me more…..

Futsal is in its essence a small-scale indoor version of Football.The evolution of Futsal was a confluence of events that revolved around Football, including the culmination of different paradigms, international influences and the pragmatism to play. The genesis of the sport is not easily attributable to a specific time and place, but more a sequence of […]

Futsal Life Blog Welcome

Welcome all to the Futsal Life blog that extends our musings, insights and capers to all those that have love for Futsal – and those that don’t know it yet. Futsal Life has been in operation for 4 years and in that time has found its niche of providing fun and social Futsal competitions to […]